The Wellbeing Guy


The Challenge

After being approached by Chris Wright, he was in need of an urgent rebrand of his existing business, ‘LetsTalkWellbeing’ having found out that this name was already being established elsewhere. Being an area of importance, it was imperative that I worked with Chris to develop a brand that homed in on the core of ‘wellbeing’.


Chris works with many organisations, offering in house training that covers wellbeing, ASIST, and also one on one sessions for those who are in need. We, therefore, steered the re-brand away from the traditional ‘corporate’ feel, to one that was calm, fun yet respectful to the practice. The logo was an important area that needed to convey what Chris was offering, incorporating various shapes to represent ‘thoughts’ and ‘wellbeing’ throughout, with a calm color palette to blend it all together.