The Challenge

Custombrolly specialise in providing corporate branded umbrellas to businesses worldwide. The USP that differentiates themselves from competitors is their vast line of customisation options ranging from Pantone print, engraved handles and interior canopy printing. Unfortunately, over recent years they’ve been unable to gain any new customers due to their outdated brand, website and photography.


It was apparent that looking over their previous structure that there was no coherent visual branding that tied it all together, therefore we needed to first establish a brief ‘visual brand’ that would flow from both online to offline (print) and since the existing business was missing this, it was important to get this implemented before any work on the site was developed. After implementation of a brief visual overhaul, we went forward and developed the infrastructure of the business in the form of a desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive website. Turning visitors into potential leads with user-friendly forms, vibrant colours and product photography.



An important part of this project was insistent that the photography was to stand out above all else, moving away from the conventional studio imagery on white backgrounds. It was therefore important to capture content in natural environments directing the overall style towards low saturation, building upon the corporate undertones of seriousness and sophistication.